The wonder of vinyl wall tiles

by Daleen Meara
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The wonder of vinyl wall tiles

Vinyl wall tiles are the latest addition to our product range. These tile stickers are printed on high quality white vinyl and covers the whole tile. Each tile is covered with a clear laminated layer to protect the vinyl from scratches. It is water and steam proof and will not damage when used in a bathroom or kitchen. It is a DIY product that is self-adhesive and easy to apply or remove. There is a wide range of beautiful designs to choose from that will suit every need.

The Benefits

  • It covers your outdated tiles and will transform your bathroom or kitchen.
  • It can be stuck directly to your walls to create the illusion of tiles.
  • It can be used on cupboards, doors, glass, metal or any other smooth surface.
  • It also works beautifully on a back splash behind your oven or basin.
  • It can be used as spotters with your new plain tiles to spruce it up. When you get tired of the design or it gets outdated you only have to replace the vinyl spotters.
  • It’s easy to apply and remove - you don’t need a tiler.
  • No mess no fuss.
  • No grout or adhesive necessary.
  • It is durable and can be washed.
  • It's non-permanent so can be changed when you get tired of a design.

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by Daleen Meara


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