3D Wall Art - An alternative to Wall stickers & wallpaper

by Anneke Weber
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3D Wall Art - An alternative to Wall stickers & wallpaper

Fantastick has created a solution for people who have rough walls or those who wants something completely different. You can now choose from our new range of 3D wall art.

These products include Alphabet letters, Paper art and Animal heads. The Alphabet letters are laser cut from wood and silver or rose gold mirror PVC. By using double sided tape these letters can easily be stuck to any surface.These wooden and PVC letters offers a interesting alternative to our vinyl wall poetry and words. 

The 3D Paper designs are laser cut from high quality art board. By bending the wings of the paper butterflies, fairies, dragonflies, birds or planes, you can create a beautiful 3D effect. Applying this 3D wall art is very simple and create lots of fun for the whole family. 

We also have a beautiful range of animal heads. They come in either raw plywood or can be covered with a choice of vinyl textures. These include a Warthog, Stag, Kudu, Elephant and Nguni cow head.

Click here to view all our 3D options.

by Anneke Weber


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