Proudly South African Wall Decor Designs.

by Daleen Meara
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Proudly South African Wall Decor Designs.

Add some local flair to your home with original and proudly South African vinyl wall stickers, 3d wall art or wallpaper & murals. We've even designed vinyl wall tiles with this in mind. There is nothing better than creating a focus wall with some vibrant African patterns & colours. Combine this with some locally sourced artefacts and African print fabrics to establish an authentic African look. 

There is a variety of wall décor designs to choose from. These include vinyl animals stickers with decorative prints, abstract vinyl and 3d patterns, realistic photo murals depicting African scenes as well as modern line drawn faces. We also have quite a few beautiful trees to spruce up any dull wall. 

Order your wall mural, vinyl stickers or 3d wall art today and transform your home in an instant!

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by Daleen Meara


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